Choose, add your face, share!

Choose a picture, add your face, and share it!

You can be Mona Lisa!

Add your face/friends face to a Mona Lisa picture, or choose another picture where the face is missing, from the numerous different and fun categories. Simply upload a portrait - of you or a friend- and add it to the chosen picture. The uploaded picture can be easily inserted, moved and coloured using the buttons. If you want, you can add text to your pictures. The text also can be colored, sized, moved to your liking.

Your new look is now ready! If you like it, share it on Facebook!

You can choose pictures that has no hole in them - after selecting one of these pictures, you can simply choose a product.

After registration you receive a coupon!

After registration we send you a coupon that can be used when you first decide to buy something in our webshop. When you return for more shopping you will receive a coupon after every second purchase in our webshop.

You can buy fun products too!

You can order numerous gifts with the finished pictures from the shop. Have your own unique mug, bag, t-shirt or mousepad! It is perfect as a present, too! Create your own!

Your own photos or graphics can also be put on gifts!

You have two option:

1. Select a frame from the picture category "Frames", than upload the picture you would like to use. Insert, place, rotate it - you can even add some text to it - then press "BUY" and chose a product.

2. First start with any picture with a hole in it, then upload the image you want to get printed on a product. Without inserting the picture into the hole, go to the PROFILE menu and choose the last uploaded picture from your own uploaded images. Under the picture, click "BUY" and choose a product.

Happy face replacement!

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